Fun Things You Can Enjoy In a Sihanoukville Casino

Who says you have to make a choice between a beach vacation and casino night? Sihanoukville, Cambodia is a perfect beach getaway offering backpackers a wonder beach vacation spot accompanied with a thrilling casino night experience. This small beach resort has soon emerged as a Mecca for gamblers and backpackers alike. There is no shortage of casinos, bars, pubs, nightclubs as well as luxurious hotels and restaurants in this beach city where the fun gets better as the night progresses. Finding a nice Sihanoukville casino where you are able to find all the popular game tables, hi-tech slot machines, pools tables, and big TV screens is not an issue anymore.


Most of the casinos found in Sihanoukville stay opened 24/7, however, people start gathering here as soon as the sun goes down. Whether you like playing Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, or you want to try your luck spinning those generous slot machines, everything is available in these casinos to satisfy your needs.


Here is a list of some of the most popular casinos found in Sihanoukville:

  • Diamond Sea Casino
  • Queenco Hotel & Casino
  • Fortuna Casino
  • Holiday Palace Casino
  • Golden Sea Hotel & Casino
  • Kampongsom City Hotel  & Casino
  • Sokha Beach Resort


You should be able to note that there are hardly any stand-alone casinos in Sihanoukville, most of these casinos are either part of big hotel chains or attached to a super luxury resort. If you are expecting to see huge independent casinos found in big cities like Las Vegas, New York, London, Melbourne, or Hong Kong, you may be disappointed. But considering the size of this beautiful beach resort and the number of tourists visiting this place, these casinos are more than enough. Despite their small size, you will be able to find everything in a Sihanoukville casino that can make a good casino in Las Vegas.


The good part about being attached to a hotel chain or a resort is that you are able to enjoy a lot of other activities. You can take a short break from playing your favorite Roulette game in your favorite Sihanoukville casino and go back to your hotel room to enjoy a nice nap and come back again to continue from where you left, or you can go eat a delicious seafood platter in the attached restaurant to regain your energy and refresh your mind. If you are more exhausted, you can even go and enjoy a relaxing massage and come back again with more passion and zeal.


Over the past few years, Sihanoukville has managed to establish itself as the best place in Cambodia to visit and enjoy some quality time. The scintillating nightlife of this beautiful beach city offers some of the best Sihanoukville casinos, nightclubs, bars, pubs, excellent live music and dance performances, luxurious hotels, trendy restaurants and much more where the locals, as well as international tourists, can enjoy the best time of their life without spending a lot of money.


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