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A social network providing educational opportunities for needy children.

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E-newsletter - January 2014

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Happy New Year all our members. I hope you enjoy the selection of New Year's Cards shown in this month's newsletter. These were made for us by the children at Satree School Phuket and I'm sure you'll agree, they are a talented and creative bunch of young people!

The newsletter also contains your regular updates, including a letter from one of our medical students who recently spent some time with a mobile medical unit. This month, we would like to draw your attention to recent discussions by the committee on the need to restructure and modernise the club, so it can continue to meet the needs of the students while at the same time providing a valuable social network for our members. We would be grateful if you could read the relevant section below, which summarises our conversations to date and lays out our initial thoughts for going forward. More work is needed on this and we would value the input of our members in the process.

We plan to distribute a questionnaire survey in the coming weeks to collect more information on what members want from the club as well as what they are prepared to put into it. In the meantime, please feel free to send your thoughts and comments to any member of the committee or to info@phuketiwc.com so we can consolidate everyone's feedback before presenting our final proposals at the AGM in March.

Dear Khun Wipa

Last weekend, I had an opportunity to participate in the mobile medical unit that was held in Kang Krajan (แก่งกระจาน), Phetchaburi. Our team visited the patients with chronic diseases in their homes to take care of them with the principle of holistic medicine. We a

This chance makes me get much inspiration in learning the medicine to be the good doctor in the future. Additionally, I could understand better about the patients' lives.

November Lunch – Vocational College

A great turn-out at this years' Vocational College lunch with 44 people attending. We were treated to a lovely stage show by a selection of the students before tucking into a traditional Thai buffet, prepared by the cookery students.

Christmas Lunch – Twin Palms

Many thanks to Twin Palms for a wonderful lunch – as always. 50 ladies turned out to celebrate the beginning of the festive season and a great time was had by all. Special thanks to those who supported the raffle and silent auction and to our wonderful ticket sellers!

Thanks also to the ladies from the South of the island who couldn't make it to Twin Palms, but who held a separate lunch to raise funds for the Scholarship programme.

Layan Masters

After another successful Layan Masters event, our congratulations go to Jackie Bettles and Mike Rich, winners of the Blue & Green Sarongs for 2013.

New Members

This month we welcome new members Marianne Zaparoni from Switzerland and Anita Mangsuree from Thailand.

Delighted you could join us ladies, we hope the club helps you to meet new friend here in Phuket. Please contact a member of the committee if you have any questions about our Social or Student Scholarship activities.


Future Direction

As members know, the PIWC was established with two aims: providing a social network for Thai and expatriate women in Phuket, while at the same giving something back to the community in which we live through the Scholarship Programme. Both have proved very successful through the years and we are proud of the contribution the Club has made to the island since our humble beginnings back in 1989.

Success can be a double edged sword however. Managing the Scholarship Programme, with our 200+ students and growing list of sponsors, is very time consuming. Co-ordinating our social activities and communicating with our members equally so.

Over the last few years, there has been a significant reduction in the number of members who are in a position to devote time to the running of the club. This has led to an ever- increasing workload on a small group of people.

We are therefore proposing a change in how the club will be structured going forward, with a clearer separation of duties between the Scholarship Programme and our social activities. At the AGM, we will propose the establishment of separate teams, tasked with running each arm of the club separately, coming together under the new President, who will be the 'public face' of the club.

The benefit of this will be that those members whose main priorities are the students and the Scholarship Programme will have more time to focus on this, while those whose primary interest is in the networking and social aspect of the club will have the opportunity to take responsibility for those activities and for looking after the interests of the members. At the AGM in March, we will be looking for volunteers to assist on both the Social and Scholarship teams so please begin to think about your particular area of interest and where you may be able to get involved to ensure the club can survive into the future.

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